Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work at Home Moms Survive the Recession

By Genesis Davies

With the economy in dire straits, it`s not surprising that people are looking for alternatives to a 9-5 job. Work at home moms have a huge advantage over those who are working in the marketplace for several reasons.


It`s common knowledge that work at home moms save money on commuting, but there are actually quite a few costs that vanish or are drastically reduced when a woman becomes a work at home mom. Not only is there no need to drive to and from an office every day, but childcare is often no longer a necessary cost. Some WAHMs do still put their children in daycare for a few days a week or hire a mother`s help to keep their children occupied while they work, but the cost is almost always less than full time care.

There are plenty of smaller expenses that are reduced, as well. For example, when working, most people will eat lunch at a local deli or restaurant. Even $10 a day adds up and if you stop on the way to work for coffee at Starbucks, it really turns into a lot of money. This is all saved by working from home. If you have your own business, then working from home can be a great way to save on overhead costs, as well.


Working mothers always complain that they don`t get enough time with their children. While work at home moms are still busy, they do have the chance to see more of their kids and the fact that they are cutting out the commute leaves more hours in the day to enjoy watching their little ones.

The other benefit of being a work at home mom is that you can work once the kids are in bed. The most successful businesses will require a lot of work and that can be done easier when you aren`t stuck in an office far from your family.


It`s easy to become complacent in a regular 9-5 job where nothing you do really makes a big difference in how much money you bring home at the end of the month. When you are running your own business, however, it`s far easier to put more time in and you`ll work harder because you are passionate about your work. This is something that almost always results in success.

Work at home moms are all set to make it through whatever dips and dives the economy has in store. They are strong, passionate about their businesses and ready to face whatever happens.

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