Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Work at Home Opportunities

By Dave Main

All the time I get asked, are there any free work at home opportunities. My answer is a resounding yes. But be careful when you looking for free work at home opportunities. You always get what you pay for. Free opportunities come with a price.

Generally these free opportunities are time consuming. In many cases they make it sound like the payout is great. Generally it is. But when you divide the number of hours you work on them your hourly rate could dip well below minimum wage.

3 Free Opportunity Sources to Consider

1. Free Surveys -All the free survey sites I have looked and even worked at can range from $1.00 to $30.00 or more for taking a single survey. Here is my word of caution. After taking a free survey they want you to investigate other offers they say are just some extras they would like you to look at. Be cautious giving them your email address and phone number. You will receive tons of email. Some where in the fine print (that you did not take the time to read) they warned you that you would get emails from their affiliates. You definitely will get phone calls. Also, many surveys are considered complete only after you receive a secret code text message to your cell phone. If you are like me and don't accept text messages you are out of luck on getting paid. And guess what else can happen. You start getting unsolicited text messages on offers. Many times this is what results. You just earned $5.00 from a survey that took you anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes to answer the direct survey. Then you spend an additional 15 minutes to 45 minutes answering extra questions about extra offers. To get paid you need to completely go through these extra offers. You could spend an hour to earn $5.00. If you are the type of person who just likes to surf through information on the Internet, do not mind getting your email box full of extra emails (some refer to them as junk), than taking surveys online may be one of those free work at home opportunities for you.

2. Free Work at Home Opportunities or Jobs - Do they exist? My answer is yes. Do they pay well? Ask yourself 2 more questions before proceeding with your research. How much do you want to get paid? Are you looking to replace or supplement your income? In my research and experience of actually applying for these work at home opportunities, your pay will depend whether the hiring (so to speak) is free or you have to pay a fee. Many work at home opportunities are a flat paycheck per job completed. After you receive your check for the work (and there has been many cases where the check never arrives) you divide the number of hours you worked into the pay check and all of a sudden minimum wages jobs pay better. I would definitely stay away from the up front fee jobs. And definitely the jobs that charge you for materials they will send you.

3. Sites that offer free work from home opportunities or jobs - Put that phrase "free work at home opportunities" into a search engine and you will get plenty of sites to review. You will find jobs to work from home through their advertising. This is what I want you to think about. These sites are basically head hunter sites. They get paid every time someone clicks on a work at home ad and/or signs up for that opportunity. In other words, the owner of these types of sites has figured out they make more money offering an advertising page for work from home opportunities than doing the actual work these opportunities offer. In and of itself that's great. I'll tell you why below.

2 Questions to Ask Yourself

First are you looking to supplement your present offline pay check. Second are you wanting to make more money than you do now. If you answered yes to the first question than my advice is do your research thoroughly. Learn to read everything about the free work from home opportunity. Read the fine print. When you do you may find that the free opportunity is not so free or the work you are required to do is not what they led you to believe. Most opportunities are not scams. Scams are created when the seeker (you) of an opportunity does not read thoroughly.

If you answered yes to the second question "are you wanting to make more than you do now" than read what follows slowly and carefully. I have never heard from anyone that they are earning more from these free work from home opportunities than they are or were from their offline job.

Here is my advice based upon 10 years of Internet experience and trying some of these free opportunities. If you do find a legitimate opportunity that fits what you are looking for than take it.

While you are working at that job you could start to learn what it really takes to earn more money than you are at your present offline job. Keep in mind this path to success will not be totally free. But you will be on the same path the owner of those"free work at home opportunities" site is. This is the tremendous opportunity of passive income. Passive income is basically money received from work you did in the past, such as setting up and driving traffic to your site.

What you first need to find is the proper guidance on how to start using free information that will lead you to the proven cost-effective (not the thousands of dollars people have spent) information. When you take the time to learn this information, you will have more of a chance to be another one of the thousands of people earning more than they ever dreamed of on the Internet. Also, you will be part of those thousands of people that never had to spend thousands of dollars to reach that success.

Last piece of advice is don't stop reading thoroughly and don't stop learning. Stay focused and you can't help but succeed. This success starts with developing a plan, such as, starting with a free work at home opportunity that eventually helps you financially in setting up your own site and products.

May the "force" (of success) be with you.

After 10 years of doing business on the internet David Main has recently started a new website for helping people to properly learn such things as the value of free work at home opportunities. Also to help anyone who is looking to avoid or stop the financial pitfalls that prevent anyone from becoming successful. David offers a free 7 day email course to help you get started or stop the frustration you have been having. It takes more than just the opportunity or online job looks good. It starts with the proper mindset and proper business approach to be successful