Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friend, are you giving up?

It frustrates me when I see people get fooled by get-rich-quick scheme websites on the Internet. And believe me, there are tons of them out there, waiting to snatch some victims.

What about you?

Are you one of the victims? Are you giving up your financial freedom?

Please don't.

Allow me to share with you some important truths that are essential to your internet success (and possibly to your mental well-being!).

Don't go chasing every internet marketing rabbit trail.

The internet is literally so big, and there are so many marketers trying to make a quick buck from YOU, that you could spend ALL day, every day just chasing illusions of internet riches.

If you only chase after those hyped up illusions every day, then you will NEVER find what you're looking for.

There does come a point where you have to take a small leap of faith and "try" something. In other words, you will have to do some work.

The problem is, whose method should you try? After all, your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it on hype.

The best advice I can give you is to find someone who has done it already, and do what they do. I'm not talking about someone who "says" they know some secret method. I'm talking about someone who IS making money.

That person could be me, or it could be another internet marketer that you've grown to trust. The bottom line is, there's just too much crap out there for anyone to find the right way on their own. It took me years to find the right way, and today there's exponentially more hype and junk on the internet than when I started.

If I had to do it all over again today, starting with zero knowledge, I'd be totally lost.

Thankfully, there's a simple program that's going to save your time and money.

It's called “Legit Online Jobs.

Legit Online Jobs” has been in business since January 2005., and have *PERSONALLY* reviewed this program and said it is not hype - it’s the real deal.

Finally! :)

Please, don't waste your time on programs that don't work for you. There are so many opportunities out there that there's no need for you to waste your time on the ones that aren't working.

I hope that this advice will put you into the right frame of mind as you read this.

Have a great day!

P.S. There's also a proof of income that I'd like to show you on the website with glowing testimonials from our members. You owe it to yourself to at least check it out.

Can You Make Money Online?

By Paul Evatt

To so many people that question is a fairly tough one as at the moment there are an awful lot of people online who are not making money online. In fact it is true to say that there are a great many who cannot even earn enough to cover their daily bills. Let alone give them a lifestyle that many dream of. So not only is it difficult for them, it makes it extremely difficult for their families as well. Working at the computer for many hours at a stretch is not an easy task especially when there is a whole world outside and it is passing you by.

For those who are thinking that they will never ever make enough money online to even cover their bills let alone leave their day job, (if they have not left it already!), it may seem like a daunting task indeed. Well I for one can testify that it can be a long hard struggle especially if you have to learn everything and do not have the means to either enlist the help of friends or outsource their work. So the question is can you make money online?

Yes you can but it is not easy by any means despite what all the gurus tell you! They will tell you that you can earn instant riches overnight and sometimes that may appear to be possible.
Usually however, it is not possible, to become rich overnight.

Sometimes it can take months or even years and in extreme cases maybe never! As a job it appears to be fantastic when you first start as you are usually all fired up and raring to go and you are enthusiastic with every product or service that comes along and with everything that you do to get started.

Also about 98% of us online usually try to re-invent the wheel or look for something new to do because we get carried away by the sheer volume of information, products and services out there. That is why most of us try to find something new and out of the ordinary and then by doing this you are actually not doing yourself any favors because of the time and energy that you waste by trying to be different or even original!

It took me a very long time to actually learn to go with the flow. In other words when you start you do not need to re-invent wheels, products or services as nearly everything that is required, wanted or needed is out there if we just learn to look for it.

Same question? So can you make money online? Yes you can but you have to do the groundwork and gather information and then you have to act on the information that you have found whilst doing the groundwork. This means that you have to decide what it is you want to do online and then be focused enough to do it.

When you can do that then you need to see what other people are doing and get ideas or learn from what they are doing. Do not copy or rip anything off but see if there is anything out there that you would like to do then see if it can either be improved or enhanced to make it better than what it is at the moment.

This does not matter whether it is a product or a service as this is entirely up to you. Leave re-inventing the wheel until you have made your money and can sit back and relax a bit. Once you have done the groundwork or research as it is commonly called you then need to be aware of what you need to get things started and then you need to be focused enough to make sure that you stay on track. You can ask anyone who is anyone and they will tell you that you must stay focused and work at it.

When you do that you will start to make money, maybe slowly at first but gradually it will come. The thing that you must not do is give up even when all around you people are saying that it cannot be done! Do not give up.

If you really would like a starter or ideas to give you the boost you need then click the link on the bio :o)

Free Work at Home Opportunities

By Dave Main

All the time I get asked, are there any free work at home opportunities. My answer is a resounding yes. But be careful when you looking for free work at home opportunities. You always get what you pay for. Free opportunities come with a price.

Generally these free opportunities are time consuming. In many cases they make it sound like the payout is great. Generally it is. But when you divide the number of hours you work on them your hourly rate could dip well below minimum wage.

3 Free Opportunity Sources to Consider

1. Free Surveys -All the free survey sites I have looked and even worked at can range from $1.00 to $30.00 or more for taking a single survey. Here is my word of caution. After taking a free survey they want you to investigate other offers they say are just some extras they would like you to look at. Be cautious giving them your email address and phone number. You will receive tons of email. Some where in the fine print (that you did not take the time to read) they warned you that you would get emails from their affiliates. You definitely will get phone calls. Also, many surveys are considered complete only after you receive a secret code text message to your cell phone. If you are like me and don't accept text messages you are out of luck on getting paid. And guess what else can happen. You start getting unsolicited text messages on offers. Many times this is what results. You just earned $5.00 from a survey that took you anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes to answer the direct survey. Then you spend an additional 15 minutes to 45 minutes answering extra questions about extra offers. To get paid you need to completely go through these extra offers. You could spend an hour to earn $5.00. If you are the type of person who just likes to surf through information on the Internet, do not mind getting your email box full of extra emails (some refer to them as junk), than taking surveys online may be one of those free work at home opportunities for you.

2. Free Work at Home Opportunities or Jobs - Do they exist? My answer is yes. Do they pay well? Ask yourself 2 more questions before proceeding with your research. How much do you want to get paid? Are you looking to replace or supplement your income? In my research and experience of actually applying for these work at home opportunities, your pay will depend whether the hiring (so to speak) is free or you have to pay a fee. Many work at home opportunities are a flat paycheck per job completed. After you receive your check for the work (and there has been many cases where the check never arrives) you divide the number of hours you worked into the pay check and all of a sudden minimum wages jobs pay better. I would definitely stay away from the up front fee jobs. And definitely the jobs that charge you for materials they will send you.

3. Sites that offer free work from home opportunities or jobs - Put that phrase "free work at home opportunities" into a search engine and you will get plenty of sites to review. You will find jobs to work from home through their advertising. This is what I want you to think about. These sites are basically head hunter sites. They get paid every time someone clicks on a work at home ad and/or signs up for that opportunity. In other words, the owner of these types of sites has figured out they make more money offering an advertising page for work from home opportunities than doing the actual work these opportunities offer. In and of itself that's great. I'll tell you why below.

2 Questions to Ask Yourself

First are you looking to supplement your present offline pay check. Second are you wanting to make more money than you do now. If you answered yes to the first question than my advice is do your research thoroughly. Learn to read everything about the free work from home opportunity. Read the fine print. When you do you may find that the free opportunity is not so free or the work you are required to do is not what they led you to believe. Most opportunities are not scams. Scams are created when the seeker (you) of an opportunity does not read thoroughly.

If you answered yes to the second question "are you wanting to make more than you do now" than read what follows slowly and carefully. I have never heard from anyone that they are earning more from these free work from home opportunities than they are or were from their offline job.

Here is my advice based upon 10 years of Internet experience and trying some of these free opportunities. If you do find a legitimate opportunity that fits what you are looking for than take it.

While you are working at that job you could start to learn what it really takes to earn more money than you are at your present offline job. Keep in mind this path to success will not be totally free. But you will be on the same path the owner of those"free work at home opportunities" site is. This is the tremendous opportunity of passive income. Passive income is basically money received from work you did in the past, such as setting up and driving traffic to your site.

What you first need to find is the proper guidance on how to start using free information that will lead you to the proven cost-effective (not the thousands of dollars people have spent) information. When you take the time to learn this information, you will have more of a chance to be another one of the thousands of people earning more than they ever dreamed of on the Internet. Also, you will be part of those thousands of people that never had to spend thousands of dollars to reach that success.

Last piece of advice is don't stop reading thoroughly and don't stop learning. Stay focused and you can't help but succeed. This success starts with developing a plan, such as, starting with a free work at home opportunity that eventually helps you financially in setting up your own site and products.

May the "force" (of success) be with you.

After 10 years of doing business on the internet David Main has recently started a new website for helping people to properly learn such things as the value of free work at home opportunities. Also to help anyone who is looking to avoid or stop the financial pitfalls that prevent anyone from becoming successful. David offers a free 7 day email course to help you get started or stop the frustration you have been having. It takes more than just the opportunity or online job looks good. It starts with the proper mindset and proper business approach to be successful

How to Make Money Online

By R Black

It may seem like there are adverts for make money online "systems" everywhere. You must have seen them. It is almost impossible to have missed an ad that claims you will become a millionaire overnight if you buy their system, or to ignore it. They can be very convincing, especially at times when the economy is the way it is. The good news is, not all of these are scams. The bad news is, it is very difficult to tell which products are actually genuine

So which systems are genuine and which aren't?

The best tool you can use to test whether a make money system is real or not is to use your common sense. If the system makes dramatic claims about how you will become rich overnight, then it is most likely to be a scam.

It may be a good idea to look at the products reputation and check whether anyone else has bought the product. If there are multitudes of people complaining about the product, then its probably a safe bet that it is a fake.

A good way to check the products credibility is to go to a make money product review site such as the site I write reviews for (check out my resource box). These sites gives honest reviews and reveals money making systems. They recommend the product that tells you the true ways to make money.

Always make sure the product you are buying has a money back guarantee. This is a great tip to avoid being scammed online. If the vendor is backing it with this kind of guarantee, then they probably are selling something that is genuine.

Setting Up a Successful Home Based Business

By Gini Graham Scott

In these difficult times, more and more people are setting up home-based businesses. If you plan to so, here are some steps to do so to optimize your chances for success.

  • Set up a dedicated space in your home for your work, where you can close the door, so you feel like you are going to work - and anyone else in your house will know this...

  • Equip your work area with the necessary materials for your type of business. Visualize what you are going to be doing on a day to day basis, and create a list for what you need. Pare it down to the basic essentials if you have a limited budget. Then, when you go shopping, look for store specials, no-interest loans available from the store, discounts, and other retail incentives to keep down your costs.

  • Create some boundaries with your family and friends, so they know you are working at certain times and don't distract you with non-work calls or questions. Explain that they should regard this work time and work space as for that purpose only, as if you were going to work in the office.

  • Work out a schedule for when you will be checking your e-mails, such as every two or three hours, so you can concentrate on your work between making these e-mail checks. Let people know that if something is crucial and needs fast action to call you; otherwise they should contact you by e-mail. This way, you cut down on the distractions from too frequent e-mail checks and phone calls, so you have a solid block of time to work.

  • Dedicate some time for marketing your product or service, including going to networking events. Allot about 2-3 hours a day for these efforts.

  • Set up a Website for your business which looks professional. To keep your costs down, you can use a template service like Site Builder, where you can choose from several hundred Website formats; then customize it for your business. This way you don't have to start from scratch to build your Website.

  • Feature the products or services you want to sell on your Website and make it easy to buy them, such as by setting up Amazon payments or PayPAl accounts, so people can easily click and pay. If possible, set up a merchant account with your bank, so people can pay you by credit cards as well.

  • Create flyers, brochures, or catalog sheets about your products or services, and take some of them with you wherever you go, so you can give them out as appropriate to people you meet at networking events, business expos, or in your day to day activities.

  • Look for opportunities to turn the conversation to what you are marketing; then if people are interested, give out your flyers, brochures, catalog sheets, or a business card, which includes your Website and email. You can order these materials inexpensively through a number of Internet companies, such as Vista Prints.
For more ideas on how to achieve what you want, you can see some chapters from my books Want It, See It, Get It.

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is the author of over 50 books and a seminar and workshop leader, specializing in work relationships and professional and personal development. Her latest books include Want It, See It, Get It and Enjoy! 101 Little Ways to Add Fun to Your Work Everyday, both from AMACOM

For more ideas on how to achieve what you want, you can see some chapters from my books Want It, See It, Get It ( And to help you have fun doing this, see Enjoy: 101 Little Ways to Add Fun to Your Work Everyday ( Or you can order the book here

The Easiest Work From Home Business For You

By Patrick Day

Work from home opportunities are cropping up like weeds on the internet. They come in all flavors, from absolute rip offs to the perfect job.

Avoid any program that sounds like all hype. If you've never experienced any success online, it is unlikely that you are going to shoot up to hundreds of dollars per day overnight. Not that it isn't possible, it is just not likely. At least in the short term.

There are dozens of ways to work from home and make a few dollars here and a few dollars there. One simple way of doing it is writing articles for sites that pay by the article (,, etc.)

The problem is that once you stop writing, you stop earning. That's no way to build a business or an income. But it will provide you with some start up cash.

How can your improve on this model? Consider where those sites get their money. Advertisers. They use your articles for a one time fee and earn money each time an advertisers ad is displayed or clicked on. You can do the same thing.

What do you need to do to earn money at home in this way? You need to learn to be a profitable blogger. (In years past, I would have said website owner, but now, with blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and others there is no need to learn html code or any of the hassles of old style web design.)

It is not as simple as writing an article and posting it unless you already have a large following. You'll have to attract people to your blog, insert advertising, and generally do the business end of things as well as the creative part (or you could outsource one or more components of your blog).

The important thing is to learn as much as you can about how to create a successful blog that earns a few dollars (or more) every day. Then all you need to do is improve your blog's traffic and/or click through rate (the number of people who click on the ads or buy the products) and then repeat the process as often as you wish.

Ten or twenty blogs earning five, ten, twenty dollars a day each will put you well on the way to replacing a full-time nine-to-five job.

How many ways can the secrets revealed at get you making money from home? You owe it to yourself to find out.

Top 10 Best Home Based Businesses to Start During a Recession

By Lynn Keller

With the economy in shambles and unemployment on the rise, is now a good time to start a business? Yes, if you choose smartly a home based business can allow you to thrive financially while still having the flexibility that will allow you to be there with your family. Here are the top 10 best home based businesses to start during a recession.

1. At home daycare

Starting an at-home daycare is one of the top 10 home based businesses to start. With daycare being so expensive and so impersonal, many working families prefer to use home day cares where there child will get personal attention at a reasonable cost. This business is easy to set up but be sure to have contracts that you stick with. Check for local regulations before you begin.

2. Pet sitting / dog walking

Even in tough economic times, people keep spending on their dogs and cats. Starting a pet sitting business is a great way for animal lovers to make extra cash. In addition to pet sitting, you can also offer dog walking for people who are stuck at the office all day.

If you are serious about starting a pet sitting business, be sure to become bonded and insured.

3. Web design

You don't need to be extremely skilled to start a web design business. All you need is a knack for selling to the local businesses in your area. Many of them don't have a web page but spend thousands on expensive and ineffective yellow page advertising.

Learn what kinds of sites business owners want and how to sell it to them, and you can always outsource the technical work.

4. Freelance writing

Many people make extra money with freelance writing, and some make a career out of. There are many places that you'll be able to sell your work, both online and offline. For offline gigs, pick up a copy of Writer's Market. For online work, find people who need articles, ebooks, and autoresponder emails and offer it to them at a competitive (but livable) price.

5. Accounting

Accounting isn't for everyone, but if it is something that you enjoy consider becoming certified and offering your services. You can either start your own business or buy an existing franchise.

6. Blogging

It's possible to make six figures blogging, but you'll need to write frequently and spend your time wisely. There are many ways to get paid by blogging, whether you are selling advertising space, selling products for affiliate commission, or by displaying Google AdSense.

7. Virtual Assistant

If you are organized and enjoy learning new things, consider becoming a virtual assistant. Network with small business owners to see what kind of help they need. You might help them by running personal errands or maintain their websites.

8. Business Coach

Business coaching is one of the most profitable home based businesses you can start. If you can help a business succeed in a certain area, consider becoming a business coach.

9. Affiliate Marketing

If you want your home business to be internet-based, consider affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you get a commission of products that you sell.

10. Information publishing

Information publishing is a huge business and there is always room for another publisher. Think about all the newspapers, magazines, and nonfiction books available. They are all selling information. You, too, can sell information that other people are willing to pay for. This can be done in the form of ebooks and downloadable guides.

The number one thing to remember when you are choosing one of the top 10 best home based businesses is to follow your passion. If you provide a service or a product that others need and keep your overhead costs low, your business will be able to thrive in a booming economy or a recession.

Get free tips that will help you build your home based business at

Work at Home Moms Survive the Recession

By Genesis Davies

With the economy in dire straits, it`s not surprising that people are looking for alternatives to a 9-5 job. Work at home moms have a huge advantage over those who are working in the marketplace for several reasons.


It`s common knowledge that work at home moms save money on commuting, but there are actually quite a few costs that vanish or are drastically reduced when a woman becomes a work at home mom. Not only is there no need to drive to and from an office every day, but childcare is often no longer a necessary cost. Some WAHMs do still put their children in daycare for a few days a week or hire a mother`s help to keep their children occupied while they work, but the cost is almost always less than full time care.

There are plenty of smaller expenses that are reduced, as well. For example, when working, most people will eat lunch at a local deli or restaurant. Even $10 a day adds up and if you stop on the way to work for coffee at Starbucks, it really turns into a lot of money. This is all saved by working from home. If you have your own business, then working from home can be a great way to save on overhead costs, as well.


Working mothers always complain that they don`t get enough time with their children. While work at home moms are still busy, they do have the chance to see more of their kids and the fact that they are cutting out the commute leaves more hours in the day to enjoy watching their little ones.

The other benefit of being a work at home mom is that you can work once the kids are in bed. The most successful businesses will require a lot of work and that can be done easier when you aren`t stuck in an office far from your family.


It`s easy to become complacent in a regular 9-5 job where nothing you do really makes a big difference in how much money you bring home at the end of the month. When you are running your own business, however, it`s far easier to put more time in and you`ll work harder because you are passionate about your work. This is something that almost always results in success.

Work at home moms are all set to make it through whatever dips and dives the economy has in store. They are strong, passionate about their businesses and ready to face whatever happens.

Are you working at home? Why not? Learn more about how to come up with a great business idea and start your own home business

Work From Home and Enlarge Your Income

By Marietjie Botha

In these tough times many of us are looking for an extra job to help us get through. If you are looking for a job you can do at home, why not try an online job? There are websites that will help you to find companies that are looking for people to submit ads for them online and they pay you in return! Working from home couldn't sound better. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

What you need to do is receive adverts from a company, type them out whenever you feel like it, and then submit them online. This helps them get customers and helps you make an income! No hefty experience is needed you don't need to be an expert on the PC. All you need to be able to do is write and speak English, and be able to stay in contact with the relevant companies regularly. There are many companies online with jobs available, all you need to do is find the right website to help you.

Usually they will give you a training program (be it a video or and e-book, depends on the company) so that you will be completely aware of what you need to do. The best part is that you can work whenever you want to no boss is around telling you that you must work certain hours. You make your own hours and thus your own money. There will be an unlimited amount of work always available, so you will definitely have many opportunities to make money.

A good example of such a website is Legit Online Jobs. They will help you find the companies to work for, as well as explaining to you how the main systems work and how to make money. Registration is free to work for these online companies, and by using this website you are free to enjoy an enlarged income as well as leisure time that you set out for yourself

See for a great online opportunity!